The idea

Marburg February 2008

It was a sunny but very cold day and four students were sitting in the kitchen of a student dorm room in Marburg.
As always in such situations, things such as wishes for sun, sea and sand get spoken about. Marseilles came immediately to mind. Suddenly the previously unimagined sentence was uttered: “Let’s just go there with the wheelchairs”. After we had delved further into our idea, we asked ourselves, “Why not then?” In the end it is also possible to accomplish bike tours of the same length to the Mediterranean sea or straight through France. Why shouldn’t it then also be possible for wheelchair drivers to drive to Marseilles independently and only with the help of the electronic wheelchair?
After all, we also study like every other “normal” person. Certainly we have many barriers in our every day lives from our disabilities that we have to overcome, but shouldn’t we also have the same chances as everyone else and indeed the same chances across borders and countries? Normally this wouldn’t be valued as anything unusual. However, we naturally know that such activities need a lot of support; not only technical, but also in health care.

Through this action, we are hoping to awaken some attention for the integration of disabled people not only in Germany, but also in other countries, particularly in these times as Europe grows together. The unusual idea could be used to show that, with a little support, physically disabled people can lead a life in society that is not necessarily disadvantaged.