The project

Grobe Übersicht der Route

Grobe Übersicht der Route

We expect our planned trip of 1100 km to take place in Summer 2009 starting in Marburg after we both hopefully finish our degrees successfully. This trip has to be divided into various stages (approx. 20). We are hoping to be able to put approximately 50 km behind us each day.

We are, naturally, aware that our project needs great preparation and that we need help and support. In this case, this has to do with, on the one hand, technical support in the form of substitute wheelchairs, batteries (mobile charging devices) and other components for the wheelchairs. On the other hand, we are also in need of accompanying vehicles, which can simultaneously take part in the trip. Additionally, we need technicians who can help us quickly and competently. For our daily needs, we must also have nursing staff, who can constantly, and above all at the stage goals, provide us with help – also at night.

The individual stages must be planned and accommodation prepared.

Aside from the logistical preparations, we need, above all, financial means to help us put our project into practice. This includes financial benefits for the technicians and staff, costs for materials, technical items and other necessities.

Therefore, we have had the idea to advertise for sponsors for our financial needs. As our Wheelchair trip is not being carried out to our own ends, we would like to fuse this into a concrete project. Our ideas go in the direction of calling for sponsors for each kilometre of the trip. One part of the donations could help financing our trip and the other part towards this aid project (e.g. 50:50). We haven’t yet decided which concrete project this will be but it should be meaningful and transparent for the “donors”.

Aside from this, we are planning to have a documentary film maker accompany our project and carry out a video diary on this page.

The concrete preparations and implementation will definitely mean a lot of strength is needed and will surely be stressful, but we are determined to make it happen.